Child's age Development of gross motor skills Development of fine motor skills Development of perceptual skills  Development of intellectual skills Development of language skills Social and emotional development
0-1st month Child lifts his head from the surface while lying on his stomach, hands are clenched; general position of flexion. How the child observes an object; Child changes the activity to louder sounds , and blinks to light  The basic form of learning; classical conditioning. Occasionally produce throaty sounds. Sleeps about 20 hours; stops crying when you approach;
grasp reflex. watches intently while his mother speaks to him
0-3rd month           Cries differently when he's hungry, when he's in pain and when he's uncomfortable.
1,5 month     Responds to low sounds;      
child stops the look at mother's eyes.
1st- 2nd month Raises head and shoulders; Follows dangling objects with eyes. Follows a person in movement with eyes.   Speaks in vowels. The human voice and taking the baby in arms to calm him when he cries.
hands half open; symmetrical limb movements
2nd - 3rd month Lying on his stomach, relying on forearm; Plays with his hands, observes them; Reacts to sound retaining the look or with movement ;   Coos altering vowels and consonants. Reaction of reviving when looking into a human face;
retains the object placed in his hand. turns his head following the object, directs hand in the direction of the movement. turns his head towards the sourse of the sound. facial expression (grimaces).
3rd month   Captures an object touching it.   The basic form of learning; instrumental conditioning. The first duplication of syllables; linked "rrr" Sleeps about 18 hours.
3rd - 4th month   Captures objects with a whole hand. Follows with eyes the rotation of objects.      
4th month When we lift him in sitting position he lifts his head up; Watches and shakes an object placed in his hand;
Notices small objects on the table.
  To mother's speech responds with cooing and cheering. He laughs loudly;
he puts a diper on his face. he puts a toy in his mouth, and plays with hands. looking for his mother when she calls him.
5th month Sits with a light support, the head is fixed; placed on the surface supports with his fingertips Pics up the rattle that is within his reach. Observes the surroundings by turning head and looking for the source of the sound. Puts everything in his mouth (examines the world orally); manipulates objects and observes them ; Vocalizes two or more voices. Positive emotional reactions to every human face.
intentionally produce sounds with objects.
6th month Sits for a long time with the support; Lying on his back he's taking the diaper off his face; Pays attention to the speech of others;   Modulates his voice in singing tones; Sleeps about 16 hours;
when we hold him upright he supports with his legs; grasps with the entire palm and stretched thumb in each hand he holds a cube and looks at the third; follows with his eyes the object that falls down; modulates his voice in strength, height and length. he knows the difference between people he knows and the ones he doesn't ;

turns to the back of the abdomen.
reaches intentionally offered toy with both hands; sees and reaches the object.   gets angry if someone takes his toy.
  takes toy from one hand to another.      
6th - 7th month           Smiles at his reflection in the mirror.
7th month Sits for a while without support; Reches and grabs the items close to him; Observes and touchs his reflection in the mirror;   Pronounces more than one specific syllables by changing the volume and height of the sound.  
moves the toy from one hand to another. tapping and shaking the object; follows the ball that is rolling with his eyes.
  with each hand grabs the cubes.          
8th month When he's lying on his stomach he turns around into position on the back. Changes the position to reach the object; takes the item with his fingers and with his thumb (intermediate); strikes one object with another;   He plays throwing the objects on the floor.   Plays hide and seek (coo-coo).
He raises to sitting position with a little help from others. he can hold two items;
  throws everything on the floor.
9th month Lifts by himself into a sitting position; Picks up small objects with the thumb and the forefinger ("tweezers"grip).
Correctly localizes the source of the sound.
Looks for an item that is just hidden; "Babels", clearly duplicates meaningless syllables (ba-ba); Sleeps about 15 hours;
sits independently;
drags the object using the string;
understands one word.

eats biscuits;
stands with adherence; starts to crawl. learning using the imitation;   draws the attention of others with various activities;
  associative learning.   reacts to his name; 
      mimics the actions "bye-bye";
      reaches his arms to be lifted;
      cries when he's separated from his mother;
      emotional bonding: related to one person;
      fear of strangers: reserved behavior.
9th - 10th month    
Recognizes many objects from his surroundings.
10th month   Horizontally moves the object back and forward.     Understands a few words;  
Independently raises to a standing position; if you call him, he turns his head to a well-known person or object; Drinks from a cup with a help of an adult;
walks with adherence. listens to the sounds from the environment and imitates them; offers a toy, but he doesn't let go.
  mimics several voices.  
10th - 11th month   Intentionally drops the item in a box;     He knows a few words (mom, dad, grandma, bye-bye).  
examines details of the object with his forefinger.
11th month           Claps with his hands to familiar songs;
reacts to a ban with a termination of the initiated activity.
          Performs simple orders: "come," "don't". Sleeps from 13 to 15 hours;
12th month       chews food;
  Walks while someone holds one of his arms; Picks up small objects with the thumb and the forefinger ("pliers" grip); Finds the hidden object; helps with dressing; 
  goes down with adherence to reach the item; puts buttons in a bowl; looks for the objects out of sight; independently brings the food to his mouth;
  crawls. mimics the pen scribbling on the paper. gives the objects on request; imitates simple actions of family members (sticks out his tongue, blinks, coughs)
      learning through trying and errors. points his finger in the right direction;
        gives the objects to his mother;
        shows interest in children and adults.
12th - 15th month   Uses one hand more than the other.        Fear of strangers reaches its peak.
13th month Stands without the support and maintains the balance; With the precision captures and puts small objects into a bottle;        
independently makes ten steps. puts two cubes with smooth sides one on another.
14th month Squats down and stands up.          
15th month Walks independently. Builds a tower of three cubes with smooth sides. Recognizes the objects in the picture (a dog, a cat).   Expresses the desires using his voice;  Responds to his name;
understands that familiar things and people have their names. imitates the simple activities of household members;
  repeats the activities that make his family members happy.
15th - 18th month         Pronounces the sentence of one word or a word and a gesture.  
16th month Runs in circles. Places the circle into the frame.     Uses 6 words;  
appoint one object at the request.
17th month         Phrase of two words like nouns ("mom ball").  
18th month Pushes the ball with his foot; Builds a tower of five cubes with smooth sides; Quickly localizes the source of a sound. At the request shows objects from the immediate surroundings; Combines a noun and a verb ("mom come on"). Takes off shoes and socks, unzips the zipper;
jumps on both feet with adherence; imitating draws straight lines with a pencil on the paper. shows on himself the three parts of the body on request (eye, head, nose); adheres the glass while drinking, tries to eat with a spoon;
climbs the stairs with adherence of one hand;   after a demonstration puts 4 small cups on 4 small plates; strong fear when he is separated from loved ones;
takes, carries and moves objects.   beginnings of symbolic play "as if", "make-believe". solitary game, plays only in the presence of other children;
      there are signs of jealousy, disapproves when another child calls attention to himself.
19th month   Lists the book page by page;   Use the resources to solve problems; He knows more phrases of two words like noun-verb.    
takes out small objects from the bottle; brings objects in interrelation and uses one object to another.
draws spiral lines.  
20th month Runs; Tumbles ball and roller.     Recognizes eight to twelve images.  
kicks the ball without losing his balance;
opens the door.
21st month Walks down the stairs without holding the hand.       Uses words to ask for food and drink;  
executes the command  that requires two activities (take that away, close).
22nd month   Enjoys throwing and catching games.     Uses nouns, verbs and adjectives.  
22nd - 24th month         He knows several simple phrases and sentences up to three words.  
23rd month   Rotates peg-top.          
24th month           Takes off his panties, pants, coat and jacket;
      Copes with simple obstacles;   closes the zipper;
  Eats watery foods with a spoon; Turns the picture inverted upside down; shows five body parts on request; Answers adequately questions that have a meaning of possession (whose mom is this?) ; drinks only from a cup;
He climbs the stairs without holding on; lines up pearls on a string;  just watches and browse the picture book; segregatess one object from a pile on demand; speaks his name on request; mainly dry during the night;
lifts objects off the floor without help to hold him. folds the paper in half; localizes the sound from the other room.
Did you mean: pridružuje identične oblike i boje u odgovarajuci skup (dva oblika ili boje)
joins identical shapes and colors in the appropriate set (two shapes or two colors);
uses 200-250 words. the beginning of a parallel game, plays alongside his peers, gives them or shows them a toy from time to time;
  builds a tower of six cubes with smooth sides.   learning by realizing.   enjoys fighting games and wrestling with peers;
          the beginning of interest in group activities;
          pride, anger, expressed jealousy, reacts to the emotional expression of the adult (empathy).
24th - 30th month He throws in a particular direction.          
24th - 36th month     Names one color.      
25th month Walks down the stairs without holding on, step by step. Builds a tower of seven cubes with smooth sides;       Stays a short period of time with a stranger.
          winds up the toy with the key.
26th month   Agrees cubes with smooth sides into a series.     He speaks of himself in the third person. He dresses parts of clothes (shoes, socks, underwear ...)
27th month Jumps on both legs like a bunny.   Recognizes fine details in the picture.   Finishes the last syllable or the last word of the verse of known poems.  
28th month     Recognizes himself in the photo. Gives "onother one";   Initiates his own game;
builds a bridge from three cubes using the model. accepts the game "me-you";
  knows his own name.
29th month            
Asks for a potty on time.
30th month   Draws a line horizontally and vertically;  Finds a particular book by the look of it. Agrees four cubes in a square ; Understands three prepositions (on, in, beside); Doesn't wet the bed during the night;
puts three forms into a frame (a circle, a square and a triangle); distinguishes and classifies big stuff and small stuff; recites short poems; carries a glass of water without spilling;
cuts with scissors without precision. groups the identical shapes and colors into a corresponding set (3 shapes or 3 colors); understands the questions such as: "What flies, jumps, swims ..." "What are you doing with this?". helps adults in activities (cleans the dust);
  executes three commands.   joins a group guided game ("ring a - ring o' roses").
32nd month Walking on toes and heels back and forth. Makes a sausage of modeling clay.        
34th month Jumps over the 5 cm high barrier. Crosses the circle when it is shown to him.        
36th month   Eats with a fork;   Notices the amount of: a few or a lot Uses the pronouns and the plural; Knows how to say his gender and age;
  makes the harmonica from paper; Makes the difference between cold and warm ; gives two objects on demand; uses the pronoun "I"; uses phrases of politeness: please, thank you, sorry;
Stands on one leg short time; builds a tower of eight cubes with smooth sides; correctly matches a four shapes (a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle); plays "make-believe" - often plays the roles of teachers, salesmen, doctors; requests from others to tell him favourite stories; the game is often accompanied by speech;
runs stable and fast. imitates the drawing of the cross; classifies chips by color or size (three colors or three sizes). repeats 3 numbers or a sentence of 4 words; narrates experiences and events; tries to tidy up his toys;
  slika vodenim bojama.   asks the questions: "What is this?", "Who is that?" "How do this work?" ...; always asks the questions, "Who?" "What?"; uses 600-800 words. tantrums when something is forbidden to him.
      recognizes the longest of 3 lines and the largest of 3 balls.    
40th month       Counts 4 objects in a row;    
After a demonstration classifies logical blocks according to two atributes ("find the red circle");
solves simple problem situations ("What do you do when you're hungry?").
42nd month       Repeats 4 numbers or sentences made of 6 words;    
builds a bridge of three cubes by pre-given model;
assembles picture of 2 pieces;
continues initiated the series of shapes, colors and sizes.
46th month       From the pile of 10 elements counts down 4 objects;    
after a demonstration classifies logical blocks according to three attributes ("Give me a red circle").
3 - 4 years   Tries to draw a man - the head and limbs (tadpole). Classifies the chips by color or by size (four colors or four sizes size);   Verbalizes the action that follows in familiar stories;  
pairs up eight forms correctly; describes the actions in the picture;  
notices the deficiencies in the drawing; long monologues; Established control of defecation and urination (he still needs help in the bathroom);
understands the relationship between the part and the whole; complete sentence, understandable speech; first falling in love.
combines the puzzle of twelve parts; always asks questions;  
recognizes things by touching them without seeing them (the items in a bag). counts up to 4 mechanically;   
  uses 1200-1500 words.  
4 years He marches in the rhythm of the music;         Cooperative play with peers;
walks a straight line one foot in front of the other with spread arms; Builds a tower of ten cubes with smooth sides; the beginning of accepting the simple rules of the game;
rides a tricycle; copies the diagonal line; voluntarily shakes hands with adults;
walks down the stairs one foot in front of the other; crosses the square; independently prepares himself for sleep;
jumps from the second step; copies a few typed letters; begins an emotional connection;
kicks the ball while running; folds the paper diagonally. emergence of emotions: shame, envy, hope and pride: the first aesthetic feelings.
jumps over the 20 cm wide barrier.    
4 - 5 years         Uses 1800-2000 words;   
            retells short stories;   
Runs by changing the direction. Washes his face and his hands alone; understands the propositions: behind - in front; Interest in the genitals, possible masturbation;
  draws a human (schematically, in the form geometrical shapes); tells the story alone looking the pictures; complete mastering of the toilet;
  cuts with scissors along a curved line. recognizes several letters of the alphabet; fear of the dark, and fear of the imaginary creatures.
    answers simple questions such as: "What is that and what is it made of?";  
    asks questions such as: "When? Why? How?".  
5 years     Recognizes the source of pain. puts together the picture of 4 parts;    
    orients himself in time (day or night, morning, noon, evening; now, before, after);  
Jumps on one leg; Makes the difference between difficult - easy, and heavy - easy; solves the task such as: "who has more?"; Sets himself a table;
stands on his fingers. counts drawings; counts to ten and counting down requested number of objects (up to ten); organizes games with his peers, prefers a game with the same sex;
  crosses a triangle;  recognizes and writes numbers up to 5; engages in dialogue with adults;
  draws a box, a tree, a human figure (three to six details), drawing is recognizable. repeats a sentence of 8 words or a series of 5 numbers; he can delay he urge to fulfill needs.
    sees the similarity of any kind (color, shape, size, light).  
5 - 6 years   Catches a small ball with both hands, with one hand makes the pellet from paper. Vision is fully developed, he understands the signals at traffic lights. He knows which is his left and which one is his right hand;    
performs three commands given together.
6 years Stands on one leg without support for 40 seconds;     he marks properly with a figure the number of elements in a set; Speaks clearly and correctly; Uses the complete dinner set makes a sandwich for himself;
rides a bike; on verbal demand he can sort logical blocks according to four attributes (color, shape, size, thickness); articulates all the voices (possibly lacking R, LJ and NJ); cleans his own shoes;
skips rope with both feet together; he can count 13 cubes; retells the story after he heard it; goes to neighbourhood alone;
jumps from 40 cm hight; makes the stairs of 10 cubes after his model was removed; writes and reads his own name; he can be trusted with a smaller amount of money; 
hangs for 10 seconds holding onto the bar; catches the ball with one hand; states the differences (how are different: a bird from a dog, wood from glass). asks for the meaning of the words; chooses his favourite friend;
catches the ball jumping;   understands the proposition "in the middle"; shows protective behavior towards younger children;
plays badminton;   uses 2500-3000 words. respects the rules of the game with his peers;
dresses alone;     recognizes his feelings of love and joy, anger and disappointment;
ties the shoelaces.     he can see the situation from the perspective of another person;
      realistic fears and fears of supernatural beings;
      the ability for cooperation and common activities.
7 years     Visual acuity is almost as in adults;      
width of the visual field is almost as in adults (the ability of peripheral vision);
the capability of active perceptual search and analysis is developed.