Mini birthdays


Minicity news: Mini-birthday parties!

Exciting birthdays for kids, in a budget-friendly way :) !


Mini-birthdays are celebrated in our Cafe, in a less formal way, where we can host a party of 10-25 children, plus adults.

We are offering 5 terms, each lasting 2 hours:

  • 11AM – 01PM
  • 01PM – 03PM
  • 02PM – 04PM
  • 04.30PM – 06.30PM
  • 07PM – 09PM


For this type of celebration, it is necessary to place the order for the catering (food packages) upfront, and this is the selection:

PACKAGE 1  (1,000 dinars per child)

  • Ticket
  • Fruit juice or Baby Rosa bottled water
  • Mini sandwich* (or 2 scoops of ice-cream)

PACKAGE 2  (1,200 dinars per child)

  • Ticket
  • Fruit juice or Baby Rosa bottled water
  • Mini sandwich*
  • 3 scoops of ice-cream (or a Cupcake*)

* Choose and order the type of sandwich and/or cupcake with our Organizer:

Sandwich selection:

  1. Bavarian Roll Ham – butter, ham, cheese, lettuce/tomato, sour cream
  2. Bavarian Roll Sirloin - butter, sirloin, cheese, lettuce/tomato, sour cream
  3. Bavarian Roll Salami  - butter, salami, cheese, lettuce/tomato, sour cream

Cupcake selection:

  1. Nutty Nougat - Fine sponge cake with roasted hazelnuts and nougat filling, covered with hazelnut and double cream mousse, and finely groungd hazelnuts. The cake is sprinkled with crunchy roasted hazelnuts, and chocolate decoration.
  2. Choco Nutty - Chocolate sponge cake with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate filling, covered with cream of Belgian dark chocolate and double cream. The cake is topped and decorated with good quality dark chocolate and sprinkled with fine cocoa.
  3. Caramel Nutty - Sponge cake with toasted almonds and caramel filling topped with a fine piece of creamy caramel and cream. And all rounded up with delicious caramel sauce and flaked almonds.
  4. Cheesy Nutty - Sponge cake with chopped roasted hazelnuts and fruit filling on which there is a neutral cream cheese, cream and fruit. Cheesy Nutty is decorated with the finest Belgian chocolate and fresh fruit.
  5. Coco Nutty - On a dark chocolate biscuit with roasted hazelnuts and coconut filling, there is a gentle cream of coconut and cream, sprinkled with bits of coconut.

Order your cake with us, or bring your own – it is necessary for the cake to have a declaration. Home-made cake is not permitted due to health and sanitary issues.

Drinks are sold exclusively from our bar.


Minicity will provide the dishes, decoration and printed invitations, Hostess to assist you with drinks and food, paper bracelets for the party guests. Minicity’s gift for the B-day girl/boy are 2 vouchers for our center! :)

To book your party, please fill out this FORM and expect our call!