Child Development

Minicity personnel encourages all children to participate and interact trough the fun, stimulating work and exchange, led by the humanistic nature of every child:

  • A child is a value by itself. She carries a positive development potential.
  • A child is an active, interactive and creative being.

The growth and development of each child are specific and distinctive!

There are certain guidelines that allow us to monitor “typicality” and the ordinariness of a child development or, on the other hand, can indicate positive or negative deviations in the development course.

Dear parents, we offer you the  MAP OF DEVELOPMENT, the easy way to monitor, guide and encourage the development of your child. Inside you can find a table of the main indicators of psychomotor development in each age group (from birth to 7 years). If you believe that there is a large deviation from the usual behavior, we are always open and willing to talk and advice.