Hygiene and Health

Health and well-being of your children is our greatest concern.

We are certain that the standard procedures we apply to protect children from the influence of bacteria and germs provide an additional effort that is not typically applied at the majority of public spaces. We are dedicated to keeping Minicity a safe and clean environment.

Minicity staff is well-trained for general measures of precaution and is obligated to strictly comply with them:

  • Frequent and thorough hand washing
  • Absence from work in case of illness
  • Quick reaction in case certain objects or areas need to be sterilized

All exposed areas, including stands, bar, chairs, tables, benches and props that are used are cleaned and sterilized with an eco solution repeatedly during the day and after our working hours. We use safe solutions to sterilize every firm area except floor, including individual props…

Toilets are thoroughly cleaned every hour, including the baby changing room.

In the Baby Corner  there is a basket for disposing toys that children were putting in their mouths, so we could sterilize them before further use. We kindly ask the parents to be responsible towards other visitors, and to place these objects in the basket after the play.

The costumes are standardly cleaned weekly. The costumes are not to be worn on bare skin. Every evening, costumes are mildly sprayed with an ecological solution.

Smaller plastic props are either washed with hot water in a washing machine or submerged into a sterilizing ecological solution and then air-dried, weekly.