Minicity Concept

Minicity was created with important goals, such as to:

• Encourage logical thinking in one casual and fun environment.

• Provide specific knowledge in a fun way and create and encourage a love of learning.

• Give your children the possibility to understand more easily the mechanism of causes and effects, as well as the connection between the processes of everyday life.

• Encourage critical thinking and finding solutions.

• Build awareness of the endless possibilities of the world in which we live, through the freedom of research, creation and discovery.

• Develop creativity and imagination.

• Assist in development of self-confidence and self-satisfaction in the results.

• Teach children in a practical way about the importance of teamwork, responsibilities and management.

• Develop respect and tolerance for those who are different from the majority, through socializing with children with disabilities, children from different ethnic or religious groups.

Wherever you look, children intuitively engage in activities in various exhibition segments. They are firefighters, police officers, dancers, cooks, doctors, dancers, construction workers, fashion designers, pilots, clerks, bakers… Playing the role of their choice, kids discover real-life processes.

When children have the opportunity to learn in a way that they like, learning becomes easy! And when the learning is easy, it becomes fun, special interests stand out and the children begin to feel passion and love for new knowledge!
While the parents watch their children here, they discover which mechanisms of education are effective for their children, and later they can apply them to other learning processes.