New year celebration

Each December, Minicity organizes memorable New Year’s celebrations where the children of your associates get presents from Santa Claus! 

We can accommodate up to 120 children and as many adults. We have gained extensive experience in organizing various events: children’s birthdays, school trips, corporate gatherings, celebrations, promotions, conferences, outdoor promotions and events. 

Our creative children’s center, unique in size, ambience, content and high standards of communication with children in all aspects, guarantees a memorable experience and a lot of joy! Santa Claus, elves, fairies, sparkling Christmas trees, confetti, New Year’s quest for gifts and festive music – a magical experience for you and your little ones!

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• New Year’s Garden and Relax Zone - decorated areas to gather and enjoy some refreshments.
• Cafe – with a breathtaking view of the city and an excellent offer of drinks, snacks and sweets. All visitors are free to use the equipped internet zone.
Stage - multimedia area, equipped with quality light and sound effects.
• Original scenery for taking photos with Santa!
In addition, children can use the entire Minicity content offer: 25 workshops, each of which represents the certain profession with a few interesting play-roles, Eco park, Creative workshop and a Baby corner.


The program lasts up to three hours, depending on the number of children and your wishes:

At the entrance, visitors are welcomed by Fairies, and brought to the New Year’s Garden where our staff takes care of children and your refreshments. You are offered the following options:

  • delicious buffet for children and adults,
  • New Year’s play on our stage,
  • New Year’s detective quest for hidden gifts,
  • Magic show,
  • Taking pictures with Santa Claus – in a specially designed setting …
  • Continuation of fun  in our workshops, where children learn about different professions playing the roles of firefighters, police officers, cooks, hairdressers, doctors, fashion designers, photographers, scientists, bakers, pilots, dentists, builders… and create memories that will be long remembered!


New Year Presents

New Year gift that a child receives from Santa Claus is remembered throughout the year! 

You can deliver to us the presents the day before the celebration, and our recommendations are Minicity daily vouchers, and memberships that provide children an unlimited number of visits to our center in a given period of time. 

Also, we can offer Pertini vouchers. Pertini is a well-known producer and distributor of quality educative toys and didactic material, whose retail is being located on the 2nd floor of our Department store, which facilitates the selection and delivery of packets. 


Your package

If you decide to celebrate  the New Year with us, please provide us the answers to the following questions, and we will send you our offer:

  • Desired time and date for the celebration – please give us 3 options
  • Number of children
  • Number of adults
  • Savory/sweet catering for adults
  • Savory/sweet catering for children
  • Photos of the celebration
  • Video of the celebration
  • Which do you prefer: children’s play with Santa Claus and the Elves, OR just Santa Claus and Elves, OR just a Santa Claus? 
  • Would you like: New Year’s detective quest for gifts, or a magic show, face painting, New Year’s pinata? 
  • Maybe you have some special needs or demands? 

For additional information, call Danijela Jankovic at 060/4422-917 or send us an e-mail at