Safety and a few basic rules

Minicity is designed and set up as an educational, interactive experience children and their caregivers, who are responsible for supervising their children at any time.

During their stay in Minicity, it is strictly forbidden for caregivers to leave the premises and their children inside, except in the case of a written Statement of acceptance of responsibility by the new, appointed caregiver who stays in the house. NOTE: Children under 5 years need to be supervised by adults at all times.

Caregivers and children are obliged to leave jackets, shopping bags, luggage, umbrellas and anything that is not strictly necessary (sauch as handbag) in the lockers at the entrance. Exceptions to this rule: baby strollers, baby bags, strollers for handicapped persons. In this way we want to protect visitors as much as we can from theft or missing their valuables. We do not accept responsibility for loss of visitor’s property.

It is not allowed to bring food and drinks in Minicity premises (except for baby food). Food and drinks are consumed exclusively in the Snack Bar area.

In order to provide the safe environment, Minicity conducts several safety measures:

  • The Security Office is monitoring the Entrance area and the procedures inside and close to the center.
  • We have blocked second set of stairs to avoid the risk of unwanted visitors or child leaving the premises unnoticed. In this way we are, except one set of elevators and stairs, completely isolated from the other floors in the building.
  • Department store Security staff are video-supervizing the center and are connected by radio to provide a quick reaction by determined procedure for any kind of crisis or emergency situation.
  • It is strictly forbidden for adults without children to enter Minicity premises, unless pre-approved accreditation.