What’s Minicity All About

Minicity is a small kids’ town, made up of 25 interesting units in which children have the opportunity to learn about different occupations.

Minicity is not a playroom, but an interactive theme park.

Minicity is a place where children socialize and learn through play.

The basic idea is to get kids aged 3-12 closer to a real life, through a fun approach to learning about different occupations.

The  children are free to express their creativity and their interests, learn new things about the world around them, and develop and enhance their social skills trough close interaction with other children.They are given the possibility to try out more than 50 occupations in 25 units in an area of ​​1900 m2, lead by trained animators, which becomes a memorable and fun experience.

Children, in a manner suited to their age, experience different professions, rest in the Kids’ Lounge, create in the Creative Workshop, enjoy healthy snacks.

All activities take place in a impeccably clean, brightly lit and ventilated space.

Minicity can optimally accommodate up to 500 people (parents and children) at a time.