What will you do when you grow up?

In our town there are 20 little houses, and each of them represents a small workshop with several interesting occupations.

When entering the workshop kids can dress uniforms if they wish, to be able to enter their roles better.  Children can enjoy  some of the stage professions at our Stage, or express their creative spirit at the Creative workshop.


Here you can find all the professions presented by Minicity:

1. Police station
2. Fire station
3. Bakery
4. Mechanic’s workshop
5. Traffic polygon
6. Gas station
7. Airplane
8. Dental clinic
9. Culinary school
10. Science center
11. Hospital
12. Fashion studio
13. Bank
14. Museum
15. Wall painter’s workshop
16. Construction site
17. TV studio
18. Hair and make-up studio
19. Photo studio
20. Supermarket

Creative workshop